Dafne Romero
1201 Oceanview Drive
PO Box 708
Village of Queen Charlotte British Columbia V0T1S0 Canada

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Other information

Other information:

North Pacific Kelp Products (NPK), established in 2009 is fast developing a demand for its specialty product line including Seaweed Lasagne Noodles, Kelp Flakes and Seaweed Powders. NPK’s hand harvesting practices are consistent with conservation ethics and values. The company harvests less than 10% of the biomass of selected kelp beds. Fronds are harvested by trimming only the upper layer of the kelp canopy ensuring the least impact upon the pristine kelp forests of Haida Gwaii.

For our whole sales price list and all other inquires please contact us.

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Queen Charlotte - Haida Gwaii   



North Pacific Kelp Products™

1201 Oceanview Drive,

PO Box 708

Queen Charlotte, BC V0T1S0

Haida Gwaii - Canada